As a family owned and operated café, we at Tomato Jam consider our customer's health and well being as important as our own. We feel that food should be a rich part of daily being, to be shared with the people we care most about in our lives. The Tomato Jam family wants to offer you and yours a small taste of home: good food and friendly neighbors with an extra spoonful of kindness throughout the day.

Our kitchen takes great pride in creating wholesome, healthy American food using the highest grade natural and locally grown organic ingredients available. We will always prepare and serve your food with absolute commitment to the highest quality and friendliest customer service. It is in this spirit that Tomato Jam Café makes each and every meal.

All of our Red Plate Specials and menu items, as well as made-to-order casseroles and special holiday meals, may be purchased for TJC Pickup & Go...great for a busy week-night, a special treat, or unexpected company. Let us do the work so you can do the enjoying!

If you have a special request that isn’t on our menu, let us know! We will do our best to make it for you if we have the ingredients and time available. Our kitchen is great at serving up just the right plate-full of love.

And if warm, friendly & easy-going suits your needs, we can help you host a function at the café. Breakfast meetings, office parties, baby showers, wine tastings, even rehearsal dinners - talk to us about how we can make it work for you.

Yum and Yeah!